What is the JovJou Platform?

Description of the project with key points that you need to understand about its structure.
JovJou operates as a real estate investment platform, enabling investors to generate passive income through fractional ownership of properties worldwide. On the JovJou Marketplace, individuals can select a property and become co-owners in the real world, starting from just 1 square meter, thereby enjoying a stable rental income.
Based on demand and supply, we carefully select prime land, construct cozy and functional homes, and take every measure to ensure our investors have nothing to fear.
Key Features of the platform:
  • Blockchain technology, using two tokens, FT and NFT, to ensure security and liquidity.
  • Low entry barrier, allowing the purchase of real estate from as little as one square meter, providing an opportunity for income.
  • Liquidity, enabling users to sell their NFT meter at any time.
  • The management company takes care of all property-related tasks, including ongoing and specific repairs, insurance, and marketing, relieving buyers of any post-purchase responsibilities.
  • Highly profitable real estate, with the management company determining profitability through in-depth research to maximize potential income for investors.